• Rooted and Responsive Leadership

    Liz Bishop
    State Representative

About Liz Bishop

With an unwavering commitment to the principles that hold our communities together, Liz has been a pillar in her locality, always ready to lend a listening ear to her neighbors and fellow citizens. Her tireless dedication and deep understanding of the unique diversity that makes up the 76th District have prepared her to take on the role of State Representative, to continue her advocacy for the betterment of the lives of the everyday people she aims to serve.

Economical Stability

Civil Attorney Rights

Education Institutions

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Liz's Vision:

Rooted and Responsive Leadership:

Leveraging her deep ties to the community, Liz promises to be a representative who understands and resonates with the aspirations and needs of her constituents, aiming to forge policies that are inclusive and beneficial for all.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Being grounded in the Republican values, Liz is committed to advocating for economic policies that prioritize fiscal prudence, aiming to guide Illinois on a path of stability and sustainable growth.

Advocacy for Lower Taxes:

Liz empathizes with the financial challenges many face, and pledges to work tirelessly towards reducing property taxes and controlling the cost of living, fostering a district where every family can thrive.

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